Types of Gifts

Property Gifts Many donors contribute their personal residences, land, commercial or other property to the Foundation. Certain personal property, including works of art, books, furnishings and other non-cash items are accepted and encouraged. In most cases, these gifts are recorded at their "fair market value." Property gifts of $5,000 or more must have an outside appraisal.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts A gift of any amount to honor or memorialize a friend, student, teacher or relative is an appropriate way to recognize someone's life and accomplishments. Many memorial funds are established as permanent endowments, carrying the name(s) of those honored.

Wills and Bequests The Western Washington University Foundation is often named as the beneficiary in the Wills of Western alumni and friends. Donors may elect to leave all or part of an estate to benefit the University. Visit our planned giving site, or contact Matt Hammatt at (360) 650-2443 or Matthew.Hammatt@wwu.edu

Life Insurance Gifts of life insurance can become a gift of much greater value than the actual money expended when the policy is given to the University through the Foundation, which is named as the policy owner and beneficiary. The donor either can pay up the entire policy or make annual contributions to the Foundation for the cost of the premiums.

Life Income Gifts An increasingly popular method of giving is the charitable remainder trust, of which there are two varieties - the charitable remainder unitrust and the charitable remainder annuity trust. Both can be funded through a gift during a donor's lifetime or through a testamentary disposition (will or bequest). Both provide life income for the donor(s) and/or a designated beneficiery(ies).

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